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It all started back in 1922 when Elizabeth Hammond was born in West Point, MS. She would eventually move to Spokane, WA bringing with her the best Sweet Potato pie recipe in the world! Her simple, yet mouth-watering recipe is so fresh tasting and flavorful, people hardly believe that there are only 6 simply ingredients. However, that is how Elizabeth cooked, she was raised on the simple, yet full of flavor diet that we refer to as "Soul Food."

Elizabeth passed her sweet potato pie recipe to her daughter Barbara who decided that the indulgent taste of the recipe should be shared with all of you!

Needless to say, Barbara and her youngest daughter Lillian ventured on the recipe, together with their food services ideas and passions, and started "Simply Soulful Pies & Catering." Delightful pies and food that hold true to that simple, full of flavor soul food that you must try!  You are sure to be satisfied...




921247_430497143706283_43398964_o.jpg   Owners: Barbara Collins & Daughter, Lillian Rambus

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Thank you to our customers, reporters and genuine supporters--all of you have been great! It has been our pleasure to serve you. Please continue to come join us and feel free to provide any feedback you wish to say, we are open to your voice. . We appreciate your support. - The Owners, FEB2015

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 Elizabeth Hammond, 1922 - Present | Born in West Point, MS | bka "Mama"
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