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Simple, Good Food!

Simply Soulful is delighted to offer our signature handmade Sweet Potato Pies and Tarts!!! Just one taste and you are sure to be hooked! We believe in using the best and freshest organic ingredients in our pies to ensure that our pies are consistently delicious. We also cook our pies in small batches to maintain quality and taste.

The flavor of our Sweet Potato Pies will leave you feeling that they are not just a seasonal dessert. The dessert has been eaten year round - especially during banquets, birthday and office parties, baby showers, and reunions. Don't wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas to try this creamy, sweet slice of heaven. It's the perfect pie for any occasion. Also, if you need to satisfy your desire to crunch, we offer the pies topped with our Pecan Crumble.



​Our Signature Pie Selection..


Our pies come in 9 inch and 5 inch size variations.  We use the best quality ingredients available!  Our crust is made with Shepard's Grain Flour and Spectrum Organic Shortening.  When available our Sweet Potato Pies are made with farm fresh, Lyall Farms Yams.

Sweet Potato

Pecan Sweet

Peach Cobbler

Apple Crunch

Mixed Berry

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